Integrative Health Programmes

Having worked with hundreds of clients that live with, or who are newly diagnosed with chronic disease, such as cancer, Michelle understands the critical importance of personalised and prescriptive care. She understands that irrelevant to the condition or labels given, no one client is ever the same.

It is for this very reason Michelle curated her Integrative Care Programmes. Combining sessions (typically ranging from 6 to 12 weeks) that blend clinical talk therapies, such as: hypnotherapy, tapping, and BWRT, with a variety of advanced touch led techniques focusing on acupressure points on areas such as the feet, abdomen, face, and scalp. These programs also teach clients practical tools and helpful techniques to bolster their own self-care toolbox. Enabling clients to better manage side effects and challenges as they occur.

Personalised Wellness Programmes

Integrating talk and touch techniques

Cancer care

Cancer Care

With a sister education company that specialises in teaching professional therapists how to better support clients living with and beyond cancer, Michelle understands the many psychological and physical implications and challenges cancer and its treatment puts people through.

She has also seen first-hand the difference that can be made with a truly integrative approach. One that respects you as a unique individual and works with you to prioritise what you need in the moment.

Six session programmes start from £395. Book Now

Calm body and mind

Calm Body and Mind

Michelle has retained a private practise since first qualifying in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy back in 2005.

Over this time, she’s witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of individuals presenting with overwhelming levels of anxiety, stress, and panic. Often resulting in emotional and / or physical withdrawal, self-sabotage and self- harm, alongside other destructive and limiting behaviours.

This program helps get to the root cause of such issues and teaches the application of practical techniques to benefit body and mind.

Six session programmes start from £395. Book Now

Gut health and harmony

Gut Health & Harmony

Michelle has always been an advocate for Hippocrates belief that ‘all disease begins in the gut‘.

Our relationship with food is often a complex one. This program works to unravel your personal relationship and associations with food to support meaningful change. Michelle will also work with carefully scripted guided visualisations, and manual manipulation across the deep abdominal tissue and fascia throughout the digestive tract and supporting body systems to bring about greater gut/ brain connection and micro-biotic harmony.

Six session programmes start from £395. Book Now

All our integrative care programmes start as 6-week courses as standard, but can be spread over 12 to 24 weeks needs dependent. Book an Initial Consultation (Redeemable against future sessions) in the first instance.

Menopause control

Menopause Control

Are you facing the haywire of hormones? Unsure what is the right thing to do for you?

It’s a red-hot topic right now, but so many women are struggling unnecessarily.

In this personalised program Michelle and the team will work with you to get a better understanding for what is going on with you right now, and use a variety of diagnostic and nutritional assessments, talk and touch therapies, and movement- based practises to help you harness the power of body and mind, and bring harmony to your hormones.

Programmes start from £395. Book Now

Pain management

Pain Management

There are many things we can cope with as humans. In fact, challenged, most of us are much more resilient than we believed we could be.

However, being in pain and discomfort is one of those burdens most of us struggle to cope with.

There are many reasons we experience pain, but ongoing chronic pain can get easier to manage, and be measurably minimised with the right targeted and tailored treatment plan.

Programmes start from £395. Book Now

Sleep support program

Sleep Support Program

One of Michelle’s favourite wellbeing mantra’s is: ‘if you want to have a great day, you have to start with a good night’s sleep’.

Sounds easy right? but we all know that there is so much that can come between us and sleeping well. There are of course many theories on how to sleep well freely available online. So why is sleep still a struggle?

The problem lies in first needing to understand what your personal barriers to sleep are, and delving deeper into your overall health and wellbeing so that your sleep guidance, treatment plan and program is specifically right for you.

Programmes start from £395. Book Now

Personalised Individual Touch Treatments

If you’re looking for individual advanced touch based therapies to support chronic pain, generalised fatigue, stress and disharmony then these are a great place to start.

Menopause control

Restorative Clinical Reflexology

Clinical reflexology, is a time-tested and evidence based holistic therapy to enhance wellbeing.

This ancient practice focuses on stimulating precise pressure points on the feet (or hands), facilitating a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.

Clinical Reflexology helps identify and alleviate imbalances within the body, promoting relaxation and activating natural healing mechanisms. This non-invasive approach can result in reduced stress, improved circulation, pain relief, better sleep, and a fortified immune system.

In this exclusive AcuBalance Restorative Reflexology session Michelle combines the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine, moxa and acu-needles (or seeds) alongside the Clinical Reflexology to intensify the benefits.

from £75 per 60min session. Book Now

Pain management

AcuBalance CalmSculpt

This advanced therapeutic practice targets specific acupressure points on the neck, head, face and scalp triggering remarkable physiological responses.

This exclusive AcuBalance treatment stimulates these points to regulate energy flow, reduce stress hormones, and boost endorphin release. Clinical studies have shown its efficacy in alleviating headaches, improving sleep patterns, and enhancing mental clarity. 

This non-invasive technique encourages relaxation, promotes blood circulation, and stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The sculpting aspect focuses on releasing the fascia to both aid muscular tension, and lift and rejuvenate tired skin, giving the skin a radiance boost and an elevated lift .

from £95 per 75min session. Book Now

Sleep support program

NADA AcuBalance MindBody Therapy

This unique whole mind-body approach prescriptively combines the benefits of NADA Ear Acupuncture, Personalised Acupressure, Cupping, Meridian Moxa and Guided Relaxation to your specific needs.

Rooted in scientific evidence and ancient wisdom, this synergistic treatment is powerful and deeply therapeutic.

Ear Acupuncture, is renowned in it’s ability to help combat stress, alleviate pain, soothe anxiety, promote better sleep, manage and address addiction-related concerns, cravings, hot flushes and irritability. 

Guided Relaxation is a great way to minimise pain, manage anxiety, stress and depression, lower blood pressure, lessen nausea, and give you a better sense of control and wellbeing.

from £145 per 110min session. Book Now

What they say…

Mark H.

“I went to Michelle after she was recommended to me by a friend. Michelle not only listens, but she also has an incredible skill at being able to help you get to the real issues fast. I am not sure I’d be here if it hadn’t been for her support.”

Jenny P.

“Thanks Michelle. I honestly thought that life as I knew it was over, but you’ve shown me that this new stage is one to be embraced and I feel ready to go live it fully.”

Toni G.

“Michelle, thank you for all your wisdom and heartfelt support this past few months. You have truly been my North star”.