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Michelle Hammond

Musings from Michelle

“I’ve dedicated my 30 year career to the pursuit of what it really means to be happy, healthy and well, and what I’ve learnt is that it is always the small steps we take with purpose and conscious connection that make the mightiest difference.

Life is like a roller coaster and navigating this often wild and crazy ride was never meant to be a solo experience. Yet so often people are dealing with incredibly challenging and difficult experiences in isolation, or in overwhelm, and that needn’t be the case.”

Ways to work with Michelle

Talking therapy

Talking Therapy

We all hit bumps in the road and need a helping hand to get over them and move forward.

Whatever challenges you’re facing right now Michelle is at hand to help you get unstuck and unlock whatever is holding you back!

Integrative health workshops

Integrative Health Programs

Specialised in supporting those with chronic diseases, such as cancer. Michelle’s Integrative Care Programs are highly personalised and based on over 30years of experience as a leading complementary therapist, educator, consultant and visionary in the world of health and wellness.

Wellness workshops

Wellness Workshops

A lot of us enjoy and benefit from a more playful and social approach to support.

It is for this very reason Michelle wanted to curate a range of easily accessible and inclusive community-based wellness workshops and masterclasses that encourage people to come together, learn, make, play and have fun!

What people say…

Evelyn B.

“I love working with Michelle her energy, passion and ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease talking about even the most challenging subjects is inspiring”.

John G.

“I reached out to Michelle when my business was failing, and I felt paralysed in how to get myself out of the whole I had got myself in. Now not only can I breathe again, my business has also taken a new lease of life and I feel great.”

Kathy C.

“I first heard about Michelle’s work with tpot so I reached out for guidance as I was crippled with anxiety when first diagnosed with cancer. Michelle not only helped me to manage the anxiety and panic. She has been instrumental in the relationship I now have with my oncology team, my family, and my self”

Talking Therapy

Everyone can benefit from talk therapy. Talking to a trained therapist can enable you to explore concerns, thoughts, and feelings in a safe and non-judgemental space. This can really improve your overall mental health and wellbeing, whilst diffusing and disarming any limiting or destructive behaviours and / or emotions.

Michelle’s therapeutic approach is one steeped in the latest neuroscience and advanced psychotherapeutic techniques to help bring about meaningful change as efficiently and effectively as possible. So, you can go forward, feeling ready and able to live your best life!

Michelle is the WINNER: Most Dedicated Talk Therapist & Wellness Workshop Provider 2024 – Oxfordshire from Luxlife & NOMINEE for a ‘Women Changing the World Award 2024’ by

More about Talking Therapies and how they could help you…

Personalised Talk Led Therapy



Brain Working Recursive Therapy® – is a new model of psychology and psychopathology that fits comfortably with current thinking on neuroscience.

Developed by the highly acclaimed Terence Watts. This technique works extremely effectively with anxiety, phobias, fear, OCD, PTSD, success inhibition, fear of failure, performance anxiety and more, and negates the need to delve deep into the details of past or painful experiences as might be necessary with some other forms of talk therapy.

Clinical hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy uses guided hypnosis to treat conditions or change habits. It is particularly good at supporting those with anxiety led issues, stress, phobias, and resistant habits that compromise health, comfort and social connection.

Hypnotherapy enables and empowers you to make meaningful change in a natural and relaxed way, using carefully curated scripts and personalised hypnotic suggestions this is a truly wonderful therapy for those that want to connect with their deepest sense of self.



Everyone can benefit from psychotherapy. Talking to a trained professional can enable you to explore concerns, thoughts, and feelings in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative approach to talk therapy where you will work with Michelle to identify and change thought and behaviour patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best.

All Initial Talk Therapy Consultations are £40 for 45minutes. Consultations are fully redeemable against future sessions, when booked within 3 months. Block booking discounts are available, as are preferential rates for First Responders.



Coaching with Michelle is a truly dynamic and collaborative process that allows you to proactively reflect on and gain deep insight in to changes you want or need to see. Together you’ll explore the options and opportunities to bring about meaningful change, and curate a practical plan of action that moves you forward with focus and joy.

Michelle’s coaching sessions can be carried out online, in-person at your place of work, at a third party location, or via Michelle’s ‘on the move’ structured walking sessions in Wallingford to get you out in to the nurturing arms of nature.

Life Coaching from £80 per 55mins Business Coaching & Consultancy from £60 a session – email for a quote



Thought Field TherapyTM is an energy-based form of therapy designed to reduce symptoms of psychological distress by influencing how energy flows in the body through a sequence of tapping movements.

Tapping unblocks imbalances, increases focus, and reduces distress. Michelle often uses tapping in her integrative care programs to help clients feel settled, or to quickly eradicate disturbing images that have lodged themselves in the mind from things they’ve watched, news stories, nightmares, or traumatic experiences.

integrative talking therapy

Integrative Talk Therapies

Sometimes it can be hard to find the words, or to select what you think might work best for you right now. In such cases Michelle offers a range of integrative programs that might combine a range of tailored talking therapies and advanced touch based complementary therapies to bring about the best outcomes for you, soonest.

All integrative talk therapies and health programs are personalised and prescriptive to the individual presenting and will be curated together, after your initial detailed health and wellness consultation and diagnostic evaluation with Michelle.

Book an Initial Consultation Now Fee redeemable against further treatment

Core areas Michelle can help you with

Phobias, Fears & Anxiety

Stress & Burnout

Relationship Issues 

Self Worth, Self Confidence & Self Sabotage

Addiction & Destructive Behaviours

Trauma, PTSD & cPTSD

Depression & Grief

Chronic Health, Pain & Physical Discomfort 

Performance Based Anxiety

Sexual Issues

Let’s Talk

The first step in any therapy is recognising you need support and reaching out to ask for it. Let’s find a time where we can talk about what’s on your mind.


– The Lodge, 51A High Street, Wallingford. OX10 0DB (Weekly Clinics)
– The Cherry Tree Centre, Henley-on-Thames (Monthly Clinic)
– At your work place (By Appointment)


Talking Therapy sessions available from wherever you are around the world.


Open access and private group sessions are held in Wallingford (and surrounding areas), and online. See the diary for upcoming workshop dates.



Book a FREE 10 minute DISCOVERY call to see how Michelle can best help you today.

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Bring Joy to your Life

However you’re feeling, or whatever is happening for you right now, help and support is available. Feel free to reach out and connect for a no-obligation chat. Or jump on in to one of our fabulous social circles at an upcoming workshop – you are always very welcome!