Wellness Workshops

As a leading health and wellness consultant Michelle has worked with many luxury brands, hotel resorts and global organisations to help them re-imagine the future of workplace wellness.

One of the biggest areas of focus outside of space design, and performance strategy was about unleashing the power of human-connection and enabling and empowering people to come together more playfully on purpose.

As a result, Michelle has curated a variety of inclusive wellness workshops that helps bring people in the community together to explore health and wellbeing topics in a fun and uninhibited way. Alongside a range of guided group hypnotherapy based sessions to help people learn how to destress, manage anxiety, and make meaningful positive change.

Learn, Laugh, Create & Connect

Inclusive Community Wellbeing Classes

Sleep well

Sleep Well

Includes an interactive session on the barriers to sleep. Followed by an informative session the science of sleep, and proven and practical ways to sleep well.

The sleep better class then incorporates a fun and immersive sensory workshop, whereby all participants learn to make their own sleep spray – to take away.

2hr workshop from £45 per person

Maximise your microbiome

Maximise your Microbiome

Includes an interactive session on gut health. Followed by an inspired session on the magic of the microbiome and how you can help yours thrive.

The maximise your microbiome class then incorporates a social and immersive sensory workshop, whereby all participants learn to make their own gut friendly bath salts and / or kimchi – to take away.

2hr workshop from £45 per person

Calm a monkey mind

Calm a Monkey Mind

Includes an interactive session on the mayhem of a monkey mind. Followed by an engaging session on the wonders of the mind, and how you can reset yourself as the master of your mind.

This class then incorporates a mindful and meaningful sensory workshop, whereby all participants learn to make their own emotional rescue remedy roller ball collection or inhalation sticks – to take away.

2hr workshop from £45 per person

Wellbeing workshops are typically 2hrs in duration and include a talk on the selected wellness talk topic, a welcome drink, and nibbles as standard. You’ll also be able to take your ‘mini makers item’ home, workshop dependent. Massage masterclasses include the sessions practical ‘how-to guide’, and light refreshments available throughout.

We also offers kids and teenage health and wellbeing masterclasses and experiential workshops over the holiday periods. For an up to date list of all of our [Wellness Workshops] and [Group Sessions] please reach out.

Self care survival

Self Care Survival 

Includes an interactive session on burnout. Followed by an empowering session on the science of self-care for living and leading well, alongside proven, and practical ways to mind yourself better. 

The self care survival class, then incorporates a fun and experiential workshop, whereby all participants get to make their own nurturing self-care kit – to take away. 

From £45 per person

Going green within

Going Green Within

Includes an interactive session on our intrinsic need to connect to nature.  

Followed by an engaging session on the proven benefits of bringing the outside in (and taking the inside out) for optimum health and wellbeing. 

The going green within class incorporates a therapeutic workshop, whereby all participants get to unleash their creativity and make their own terrarium.

From £45 per person

Massage masterclass

Massage Masterclass 

Michelle and her exceptional tpot team of educators host a varied and dynamic range of massage-based classes in the community. 

From introductory workshops, and simple how-to touch-based classes and immersive experiential day camps, for adults and kids. Through to targeted technique masterclasses and certificated training courses for zoning in on specific health challenges and physiological issues.  

Classes range from 2hrs to 2 days

From £45 to £250 per person

Group Health & Wellbeing Sessions

In-Person Classes & Live Virtual Classes

Self care survival

AcuBalance Somatic Movement & Meditation

This unique sensory session combines the wonders of gentle somatic movement with a powerful guided visualisation to lead participants in to a deep meditative relaxation. Integrating acu-needles or seeds to energise the parasympathetic nervous system and bring body and mind back to balance, this session is a wonderful way to tap in to your inner wisdom and strength.

AcuBalance relaxation opens doors to positive change, boosting confidence, and reducing stress. Embrace a journey of self-discovery and growth, leaving inspired and empowered. 

These sessions are focused around general destress and anti-anxiety. They are open access sessions hosted for small groups.

75min class. £25 per person. Book Now

Going green within

Guided Hypnotherapy Intensives

These therapeutic guided hypnotherapy sessions form part of an immersive six week programme designed to tackle specific inner challenges, such as anxiety and PTSD, within a supportive community group setting, guided by a highly skilled therapist. 

These programmes offer more personalised sessions, fostering a more structured flow and format to bring about meaningful change.  

These sessions are booked in six week blocks. For upcoming course start dates see the calendar.

Course of 6 x 90min sessions. £145pp. Book Now

Massage masterclass

AcuCalm-Mind Meditative Reset Session

Experience Michelle’s unique AcuCalm-Mind meditative reset session. A specialist small group programme, weaving sensory immersion with the proven advantages of NADA (clinical ear acupuncture).

NADA effectively alleviates stress, supports individuals dealing with anxiety, trauma, and panic disorders, complements those undergoing cancer treatment, aids those managing the emotional aspects of chronic disease, and assists people with sleep issues, and those struggling with various forms of addiction and withdrawal

AcuCalm-Mind specialist classes have been proven particularly beneficial for those struggling with heightened levels of stress and anxiety. With high interest and success rates from teenagers, those challenged with chronic disease and first responders.

60min class. £20 per person. Book Now

Ask us about multi-book discounts, courses, and our referral reward scheme.

For onsite workplace wellness masterclasses and exclusive group classes do reach out directly.